Welcome to the Yoga Page

I have been a yogi for 10 years , 6 years  of it in Ashtanga and the rest was trying out loads of styles to accommodate my tired overworked sculptors body . 3 years ago I completed my Seasonal Yoga TT200 hours with Sue Wood in Cobham over 1 year of weekends which was the only way I could incorporate into my already busy life . I have attended some advanced Seasonal Yoga Training’s and also 2 years ago undertook 50 hours training in Teen Yoga with Charlotta Martinus.

Since then I have been to many workshops, festivals and classes to develop my practise , I received 10 hours of 1:1 with Dot Bowen (Scaravelli Teacher) , attended classes with Simon Low, Catherine Ellis, The Space ( Ashatanga immersion) . I attended an ashram in Rishikesh for a week and also a retreat in Gower with The Travelling Yogi to name a few.

I enjoy moving , dancing and flowing and let music lead my movement . I focus on the breath to  lead movement and I also like  finding stillness and peace in more static postures too . Feeling the way the posture feels inside , what emotions it triggers . My classes are inspired from all my teachers and combine many aspects in one class .

I enjoy teaching beginners and use my 20 years of experience in teaching art workshops to all levels to help me use my intuition, give options for all levels in a general class.

As well as teaching teens in various places in Surrey . I teach a yin /restorative class on Mondays and a vinyasa flow on Thursdays all  Seasonally  inspired .

I teach Mens Yoga  as well as a learning disability class and a 1:1 to a ME sufferer.

Please do get in touch to discuss anything .